Professional. Productive. Pragmatic.

Brochures and Mailers

Print media is alive and well. Batteries not required. My copy-editing, proofreading and spelling skills keep corrections to a minimum.


Just like snowflakes, no two logos should be alike. Do you know why it's called a 'logo?' I do. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Websites and e-Blasts

If you haven't updated your site since 2016, I may be able to help. Not sure how to get started with email blasts? Let's do it!


I bought a Nikon about six years ago and can't stop taking pictures. If I can't shoot it, I know someone who can.

Multi-page Specialist

Magazines, catalogs and portfolios are my forte. More than 20 successful years in the print industry support that statement.

Interactive PDFs

It's past time to get all of your office forms in digital format. Think of how much money you'll save on printer ink!

David Taylor Graphics

More than 20 years professional experience

David M. Taylor

Graphic Artist and Quilter

My friends say I don't look anything like my headshot. I think that proves just how good I am with lighting (and working with Photoshop.)

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